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Wireless Internet

Wireless is now available in all types of Internet connection. This technology is helpful to have free access to a wire free Internet and not chained to the desk with your device wired to Internet connection.  All you need to do is be in a surrounding of Wi-Fi connection.

What are the equipment’s you need to have to avail Wireless connection?

To avail the access of wireless Internet you will need a modem, Router, and Wireless card or USB, what are their functions.


Modem is a device which will be connected to the Internet via fixed or wireless lines. Modem receives the data and turns it into digital information to project images in your device.


Router plays the next stage in wireless Internet, It then carries the information from modem to computer, it routes the information to your computer.

Wireless Card or USB:

Wireless card or USB is an external modem for the devices which does not have inbuilt internal modem to receive the wireless signal.


Basic Price

Internet Speed

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1,000 Mbps



400 Mbps

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200 Mbps

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20-100 Mbps

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