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TV Packages

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Types of TV Services

Service Providers often provide three types of Services which have its own advantages and disadvantages though they are unique in their own way. You should be well aware of these types and select the best that suites your requirement.

The three types of Services are:

  • Cable TV
  • Satellite TV
  • Fibre TV Services

Cable TV

  • Provided by Copper Coaxial cable from underground
  • Uses Radio frequency to broadcast programs directly
  • An old traditional way that most people in USA use
  • Service often gets disrupted due to cable cut that happens on many occasions

Satellite TV

  • Dish Type. A roof top is enough to install
  • Brings signals from the satellite to your living room
  • Satellite receives signals from the broadcasting stations and rebroadcast to your dish antenna directly
  • Very user friendly and provides vide range of channels
  • Services easily gets effected by bad weather

Fibre TV

  • A reliable source that offer you more service in HD quality
  • Cables are thin and made of glass or plastic and transmit information through pulses of light
  • Reliable Signal Services
  • Data that is provided is very huge that gives you high amount of channels
  • Signal problems are not faced often

Satellite TV

Satellite TV is something that is in between Cable TV and Fiber TV but has the qualities of both. DISH and DIRECTV  are the two best Satellite TV providers around U.S. We have lot of features in Satellite TV that providers provide that will enhance the viewing experience. DIRECTV provides the best Sports package in Satellite TV, it also provides free premium channels for 3 months and more offers just for you. Select your package and get your offers and your favorite channels and more

DIRECTV Plans and offers:




For 12 months with 24 months agreement
155+ channels


For 12 months with 24 months agreement
160+ Channels


For 12 months with 24 months agreement
185+ Channels


For 12 months with 24 months agreement
235+ Channels


For 12 months with 24 months agreement
250+ Channels
For 12 months with 24 months agreement
330+ Channels

Installation Fees

Installation is done for the customers. And we help them at less than $20. Many providers cost more than $100 or $75. We at Cable Network USA provides the least price for Installation.

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