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Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet is a very accessible Internet service, since it uses direct Satellite to home satellite connection you get instant service connection and no saying of low internet connection cause its technology allows even any far interior rural area to get access to Fast Internet and since it is a little high in cost only VIASAT and HUGHESNET are the only providers available around the U.S.


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Internet Speed

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20-100 Mbps

Viasat is the fastest Satellite provider in America, This make your smart home even smarter with multiple devices connected at once and not gets lagged, having a house party at your house or your family or friends gathered at your house you can offer free Wi-Fi without buffering. Viasat offers you fast internet service speeds up to 100 mbps with this you can watch High Definition movies, shows without any buffering

Viasat also gives you the best offers and perks but in addition you get free Installation for your hose this is going to save a lot of money in your budget. For more offers and enquires contact our customer service we are happy to help you any time, we will be providing Customer care service 24/7, your quires will be answered and resolved in no time

Viasat provides our customer the best service and Data that they need to get and enjoy, we do have data caps but that doesn’t mean you are cut off once the data is fully used to its limit we have other options of saving your data or giving data when you reach a maximum level of usage, you’ll still be receiving data but in a average level of data which will not have any hindrance but you’ll have difficulties during peak times where your service will be low.

We offer different packages with different speed, different pricing, and different offers for your convenience, so no worries pick your package for your home according to your requirement.

Though we know that we are comfortable with the packages still there will be cons and pros so here we are going to discuss about the pros and cons of Satellite Internet.


• Availability:

Satellite Internet is like air that can’t be stopped just because you shut the door doesn’t mean air can’t surpass, likewise due to the technology Satellite to satellite dish at your roof you can receive the signals and service even if it is a rural place. This makes Satellite Internet more available than any other Internet Services.

• Speed:

Unlike dial-up Internet Satellite Internet service is faster no matter how much you use or how many are using it due to its technology it is the fastest Internet connection. Satellite allows you to browse fast stream fast and watch HD Movies and shows without buffering.


• Data Cap:

Though Satellite Internet is Fast and available it also have its drawbacks, the data for the satellite Internet is allotted, it has put a limit to how much you can download and upload. But it does not completely drain your data or say no data any more but the data speed will be reduced.

• Latency:

Playing Online fast games with Satellite Internet makes it feel like a lot of patience required cause transformation of information to Satellite and back takes a few seconds make it a little slow to play online Fast games.

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