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Express Home Phone

Whether you are calling family or friends, for pleasure or emergency, Buckeye Express Home Phone has one easy to understand home phone package. Call anywhere at any time, we can keep you connected to the world! Plus, you get to keep your current phone number.

Add More to Your Home Phone

NEW – Add Robocall Blocker for Only $4.99/mo.Intercepts suspicious calls before they reach you, reducing the potential of being scammed! Buckeye’s Robocall Blocker technology will block those annoying automated calls from telemarketers, political calls, and ID spoofers. Our system is smart and will allow automated calls for schools, doctors offices, and emergency numbers to ring through normally.

Add Enhanced Features for Only $10/mo.

Enhanced Phone Features package includes: Automatic Call Back, Call Forwarding, Call Privacy, Call Waiting w/ID, Caller ID w/Name, Do Not Disturb, Repeat Dialing, Speed Dialing 8 and Three Way Calling.

Add Brainiacs for Only $10/mo.

Brainiacs Package includes: Inside Phone Maintenance for Express Phone Customers. Plus, if you have internet with Buckeye, you’ll also received: Unlimited Phone Support and Remote Access Support via Internet, Malware Removal and PC optimization, Bitdefender Antivirus protection on up to 3 computers
Home Phone includes unlimited local calls with expanded local calling area. Domestic Long Distance (optional): $0.06 per min. and encompasses continental US, (including Alaska, American Samoa, Baker, Howland and Jarvis Islands, Guam, Hawaii, Johnston Atoll, Kingman Reef, Midway Islands, Navassa Island, North Mariana Islands, Palmyra Atoll, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Wake Island and Canada). Home Phone Service is a residential service offered for reasonable (up to 5,000 minutes per month), personal, non-commercial and lawful use only. Any other use may result in discontinuation of service. Other Home Phone plans available at an incremental promotional price. Use of unlimited calls for commercial, data/computer connections and mass-solicitations (ex-auto dialing/faxing) is prohibited and will result in suspension/termination of service. Taxes, E911 and other fees apply

Why millions of US homes still have home phone service?​

Wireless, assures less! Wireless may be smart and have no assurance that they are disaster durable. Do you bet on wireless phones when hit by nature? In case of blackouts, traditional copper phone lines have always been your supporter. Internet-based phones through the cable or phone company aren’t true landlines, although the CDC counts them that way. The internet mode for these phones still needs power. Both kinds’ landline phones are more dependable for 911.

Though the GPS provides the location but not accurate location, in such cases Copper phone lines is the hero.

For that reason, Trey Forgety of the non-profit National Emergency Number Association recommends landlines for those who live alone and have a disability or medical condition. He says, cell phone location accuracy is improving but there’s still work to be done.

It is comforting to have a device just for calls- without “all of the irritating bells and whistles of smart phones,” says Brad Cooney, a Navy Veteran in Brandon, Mississippi.

Wireless networks are not reliable when the power grid has been knocked out. Good old copper wire phone networks were built as public utilities, expected to provide stability even during times of crisis.

Traditional phone lines are still vulnerable to earthquakes and, in some instances.

Home Phone

  Home Phone is a best service for all our need, when you have kids in home and want to have an eye on them when you are outside, well Home phone is a very good option to have when you have a phone repair or you want the calls to divert to your home phone.

  There are lot of providers around America providing Home Phone service and we have here are the best home phone service provider near you.

Clarity of Home phone is always better comparatively to other mobile services and its perks are really a worth to have it. It never go out of signal no matter the what the situation is, if there is going to be  a power outage in cities for days your mobile and power banks go out of juice but if you are going to have a home phone in your house it is never going go out you will always going to have communication device in your home.

It is also a very good source for 911 emergencies, when there is an emergency and you don’t need to be so accurate in your address or detail of your address your home phone gives the detail and accurate location of your apartment and the help come directly to your door. This save a lot lives and helps others.

Home phone comes with better features in advanced technology to make your home phone smarter and convenient.

  • Caller ID
  • Call back
  • Redirect calls
  • Block calls
  • Conference calling
  • Voice mailing and more

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