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Fibre Internet

Fiber Internet is fast, in this age of gaming, streaming, upload, download and smart-home gadget we need Fast Internet that which carries multiple data at once. Fiber Internet is the latest technology with fastest internet speed which transmits data in the form of light signals. Fiber optic internet cables are made of thin glass or plastic.

Fiber Internet service is the latest technology which is emerging, but not everyone can avail its service since the providers trying to expand the service to make it available to all. AT&T and CenturyLink are the providers who offer Fiber Internet for selected regions.

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Speed Upto



1000 Mbps



3-1000 Mbps

Availability of Fiber Internet varies according to the area. Because Fiber Internet is not available in many areas and it is available in selected particular area. More than 32% of U.S citizens are eligible for Fiber Optic internet service. CenturyLink and AT&T provides Fiber Internet service to selective regions.

AT&T Fiber Availability

AT&T provides Fiber Internet service across selected cities in California, The Midwest, Texas and most of the Southeast. AT&T will expand its Fiber Network service across the U.S and through this more of the U.S residents will be benefited by High speed fiber internet service. AT&T has expanded its Fiber service to Gainesville, FL, Waco, TX, and other cities

CenturyLink Fiber Internet availability

CenturyLink Fiber Internet provides 1000 Mbps speed in internet to major metro cities in U.S. CenturyLink is available in cities CO, NV, Denver, Las Vegas, Minneapolis/St.Paul, Omaha, Seattle, Portland, MN, NE and WA

Pros and Cons of Fiber internet

As we know fiber internet is fast and a very reliable to use to transfer multiple big data files at once. Fiber Internet gives a great connection for streaming videos, gaming, Uploading large files, Downloading, Video conferencing and more. Though Fiber Internet has its advantages, fiber has its disadvantages too.





Speed: The Internet speed can reach 1000 Mbps in Fiber internet if it is available in your area.


Availability: Fiber Internet is a new improved technology and it is yet to reach many area to become available to everyone, for now it is only available in selected areas


Quality: Glass is the conductor in Fiber Internet and thus it is resistant to interference. This is the reason for High Internet speed, performance and reliability.

Initial expansion costs: More than other Internet connection types Fiber Internet costs more high to avail the services for the customers and the providers.


Value over Time:  Fiber optic Internet service is a little high in cost for an average user, since it costs less to maintain fiber internet in future the cost is expected to become more affordable with the same level of servicing.

Home Installation Requirements: In order to get Fiber internet service in your home the fiber provider might have to drill into your home to setup lines

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