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Cheapest Internet

Internet is a must to have in home for all our basic requirements, what if we get that Internet in low cost at best service and speed. The Internet Usage for everyone is different the internet usage is based on the speed and the speed you require for your online activities, some people will use Internet at any given time. But in the end the cost is directly linked to speed so here are the best cheap Internet providers.

The best cheap Internet service Providers:

  • AT&T Internet —  Affordable DSL, Fast
  • CenturyLink —  Price for life guarantee
  • Comcast Xfinity — Fastest max speed
  • Charter Spectrum – Low sign-Up cost

Cheap cost per Mbps Internet plans

High speed Internet for reasonable price is really a good option too. Here are a few providers offer plans that cost less than $1 per Mbps. Cable and Fiber Internet plans for higher speed internet and for the cheaper price.



Starting Price

Speed up to

Cost per Mbps

CenturyLink Logo


950-1,000 Mbps




750-1,000 Mbps




50-400 Mbps


Spectrum Logo


10-200 Mbps


How to choose the best cheap Internet service provider

To choose the best cheap internet service provider could be a little confusing or a little hard so here we have given some tips to get a better cheap internet service provider.

• Coverage

In America more than 85% of Americans have access to two or fewer internet service providers. In internet service providing your address is the main deciding factor on whether what provider and plan you get.

• Price

Price is very important when it comes to internet because we don’t want to spend lots of money in the end of the month. The average cost for internet service provider is $50-$100 /mo. But there are many reasons that affect the final cost. Speed Internet will cost more per month for subscribers. Bundle service affect your Internet cost cause many Providers like Spectrum, CenturyLink and more providers offer discounts if you bundle TV, Internet and Phone service together


Choosing the best Internet service provider just doesn’t depends on Price and coverage alone, the speed of the Internet is very important but speed comes with cost. Instead of this with the streaming, gaming uploading, and smart- home gadgets you feel little hamstrung without broadband and high speed.


Plan – AT&T Internet

Connection Type DSL, Fiber-Optic



Fast and Affordable DSL

Plan structures confusing

Broad Coverage

Value of mid- tier plans

Equipment Included

Volatile speed and pricing

PlanComcast Xfinity

Connection Type — Cable, Fiber optic



No-contract option

Upload speed

Low starting price

Value of lower-tier plans

Auto pay/Eco Bill discount

Plan –  CenturyLink

Connection Type – Fiber optic, DSL



Price for life guarantee

Speed versus price

No contracts required

Confusing plan structure

Plan – Charter Spectrum

Connection Type – Cable



Highest speed in its price range

Price increase after first year

Low startup costs

Unspecified upload speed

No-contract plans with buyout offer

Speed (and value) may vary

Connect With Your Nearest Dealer To Know Your Deals

High Speed Internet with affordable cost

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