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Nationwide calling with CenturyLink Home phone services.

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Rate excludes taxes and voice fees/surcharges.*

  • Reliable voice Clarity
  • Unlimited Nationwide calling
  • No breaks or lags and delays between calls
  • Excellent Call quality

We cover all your Home phone requirements under your budget. CenturyLink Home phone basic plan starts at $44/mo. and have advanced plans according to the price, we offer you plans with unlimited nationwide calling.


Download Speed


Introductory Price

20 Mbps Price for Life Double Play 20Mbps Unlimited local and nationwide calling $85/mo
40 Mbps Price for Life Double Play 40Mbps Unlimited local and nationwide calling $85/mo
80 Mbps Price for Life Double Play 80Mbps Unlimited local and nationwide calling $85/mo
100 Mbps Price for Life Double Play 100Mbps Unlimited local and nationwide calling $85/mo
1 Gig Price for Life Double Play 1000Mbps Unlimited local and nationwide calling $85/mo




Unlimited Nationwide Calling


Unlimited Nationwide Calling

Price for Life Internet+Home Phone


20Mbps Speed + Unlimited Nationwide Calling



20Mbps Speed + Unlimited Nationwide Calling and 235+ Channels

Home phone service in CenturyLink provides you the best offers through this you can experience a lot of benefits. Home phone service always comes with the advantages of always connected to your house and never miss a moment with your loved ones you will also experience the fact that you don’t get dropped calls in your end.

Always remember to bundle your home phone service with TV and Internet with CenturyLink this will save you your monthly bill in half, cause wanting more never gets over when it comes with the best price? Certainly not.

Home phone come with advanced features to enhance your calling experience. These features help you to keep track of your calls and make your home smarter. Here are a few features in CenturyLink Home phone service.

  • Caller ID            : Find who is calling you with Caller ID when the phone rings.
  • Call waiting     : Can switch calls when there is an important call coming when you are on  another call.
  • 3-way calling     : Chatting with more than one person at a times makes the conversation more fun and sometimes informative, this three way calling system allows you to have conference calling.
  • Distinctive ring : Set different ring tone to all your contacts to find who is calling you by the ring tone.
  • Call forwarding : Forward your calls to your cell phone or any communicating device that you carry around when you are not available at your house.
  • Clear connection : Home phone have the best voice clarity and clear connection which will not fail you during your call.
  • Last call return : Missed a call when you are away find who called you with last call return option and never miss a call.
  • Voice mail     : Keep you connected and updated with Voice mail.

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