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Cable Internet

Cable Internet is most preferred methods for residential Internet access.  Cable internet uses Cables with coaxial cables like cable TV service to transform electrical signals. Just like Cable TV, Cable Internet receives signals to modem and converts them to Internet service in cable TV the modem receives signals and converts it into images.

Cable internet is much better than cable TV, the cables of Cable internet has higher bandwidth than phone lines and higher than DSL Internet. Coaxial cables are less expensive than fiber optic cables and more widely available.


Starting Price

Speed range

Data Caps

Nationwide availability



2,000 Mbps

1 TB/mo., unlimited option available


Spectrum Logo


940 Mbps



Pros and cons of cable internet



Phone lines: For cable Internet, home phone lines are not required

Peak times: Usage of internet speed reduces during peak times since there will be a lot of users sharing internet around your area.

Speed: 10 times faster or higher than DSL internet

Data Caps: Cable internet providers have data caps that they use to control the speed of the internet usage when it exceeds the given limit.

Availability:  More than 85% of Americans are eligible to Cable Internet



Starting Price

Speeds Up to



2,000 Mbps

Spectrum Logo


940-1000 Mbps

The best cable internet service providers by Availability

  • Xfinity– Fastest max internet speeds
  • Spectrum– No data caps
  • Cox– Great plan variety

The availability of Cable Internet is totally based on your location of your address, from providers Spectrum, Cox Xfinity and more. Here we have given you the Cable Internet Providers in your area and select the provider and plan that fits your need.

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